Educational Program «Teacher training in foreign languages and literature»:

Head of the EP «Teacher training in foreign languages and literature»:

 Utegalieva Bibigul Burkhanovna, Senior lecturer, Master's degree


   The establishment and development of the foreign language department have been ongoing since 1962 in Kazakh, Russian, and English languages. In 1962, the English language department was established at our university, with G.I.Stambekova as the head. The department included members such as L.I.Cherkashina, I.Ya.Devyatova, D.Sh.Esengaliyeva, M.A.Khamitova, and others. As the country's demand for foreign language education grew, so did the department's composition. Within a year, it was joined by graduates of leading universities in the country, such as B.I.Likhobabin, L.S.Kirillova, M.I.Palatov, L.A.Kopistko, M.V.Chechetko, K.A.Khabibullina. In the 1966-1967 academic year, talented female graduates dedicated to foreign language education joined the department: A.S.Zyabina, T.V.Li, E.A.Utesheva, T.I.Nurusheva, G.P.Nuralina, N.P.Nevkina, N.K.Alekhina. These teachers formed the core of the faculty of foreign languages established in 1972.

   In 1970, the department welcomed new faculty members from other universities of the former Soviet Union: B.G.Buksbaum, G.V.Simakova, N.M.Larshina, N.A.Makhneva. The faculty of foreign languages taught English, German, French, and Spanish. The first dean of the faculty of foreign languages was M.I.Palatov, who had an extensive linguistic background and taught Latin, English, and Spanish. The faculty of foreign languages operated under three departments: The Department of Phonetics and Grammar of the English Language, the Department of English Philology, and the Department of the Second Foreign Language (German, French). Heads of these departments included L.S.Kirillova, L.I.Kopistko, E.A.Utesheva, M.V.Chechetko, N.A.Kushkenbaev, A.G.Abukhanova, M.K.Bisimaliyeva, N.P.Nevkina, I.M.Minina, N.D.Divina-Osipyan, A.E.Niyazova, S.I.Kadyrgaliyeva, G.N.Kismetova.

   The expanding international cooperation in the early 2000s necessitated the creation of the Department of Theory and Practice of Translation at M.Utemisov West Kazakhstan State University in 2003. The head of this department in 2006-2009 was the candidate of Philological sciences, associate professor A.G.Abukhanova. The department provided the graduation of translation specialists for the needs of the West Kazakhstan region and the entire Western region of Kazakhstan.

 The opening of the master's program marked a significant milestone in the history of teaching foreign languages. The transition to a credit-based education system and the training of specialists within a two-year master's program posed a complex challenge, requiring the involvement of new specialists and the development of new courses. These courses are taught by G.N.Kismetova, A.G.Abukhanova, M.V.Chechetko, S.S.Kulmagambetova, V.S.Zubkov. The master's program in «Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages» was opened in 2003. The first graduates of the program were A.V.Drozdov, V.T.Sadretdinova, followed by dozens of works that clearly reflect the masterful scientific themes of the department and its leading specialists, their scientific orientation, and school.

  For many years of transformations, changes, and stable professional training of teachers and translators, the Department of English Philology was led by Associate Professor M.V.Chechetko, with a tenure, intermittently, spanning twenty-six years. A graduate of Saratov Pedagogical Institute, who completed full-time postgraduate studies at Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov, she connected her interests with various issues of literature in the language studied, the field of comparative literary studies, the study of artistic texts, and the methodological issue of using dramatization in language and literature education. The author of more than 70 scientific works, four methodological guides, the chief editor of a book about Jane Austen published by «Kniga», and the supervisor of numerous diploma theses and master's dissertations. With a theatrical background, M.V.Chechetko directed university theaters «Veshchie Sestry» and «Ekho» for many years and prepared materials on the use of dramatization in education.

  Devoting over forty years to the teaching of foreign languages, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences T.V.Li played a significant role. She led the Department of Foreign Languages for many years and later served as the dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. A prominent specialist in the methodology of teaching foreign languages, T.V.Li was a corresponding member of the St.Petersburg Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, supervising diploma theses and master's dissertations.

  Throughout the faculty's long history, prominent specialists have contributed significantly to student education, notably Doctor of Philological Sciences M.K.Bisimaliyeva. She progressed from a laboratory assistant to the first Doctor of Sciences in the department, overseeing the Department of Phonetics and Grammar. After 2004, the department was led by N.D.Divina-Osipyan, A.E.Niyazova, S.I.Kadyrgaliyeva, A.G.Abukhanova and G.N.Kismetova.

  Over nearly five decades of its existence, several generations of teachers have worked within the Department. T.I.Nurusheva, a senior lecturer who has devoted over 50 years to the department and continues to work vividly, energetically, and in step with the times.T.I. Nurusheva is an experienced English language and grammar practice teacher, a leading lecturer in comparative linguistics, stylistics, functional stylistics, and a respected methodologist among both students and school teachers in urban and rural schools. She is the author of more than 36 scientific articles in WKU collections, university collections from near and far abroad, and instructional materials for learning English.

  N.A.Makhneva, a remarkable methodologist who created a methodological repository, A.M.Larshina, who successfully defended her doctoral dissertation on the use of role-playing games in education. German language instruction was provided by experienced and initiative-taking instructors N.A.Kushkenbaev, M.B.Baradosova, A.G.Yakupova, R.B.Kinzheeva, D.K.Aubakirova, K.M.Shunaibekova. Senior lecturer P.Z.Buzhumova worked her entire professional life at the department, teaching lexicology, and making a significant contribution to student preparation. S.K.Bikenova, who taught French and Latin to students and lectured on the methodology of the second foreign language, worked at the department for twenty-five years before her untimely departure.

  G.N.Kismetova is an experienced supervisor, as well as head of the department. She is the author of a large number of scientific papers, is engaged in research work, is published not only in domestic publications, but also abroad.

   At present, the Educational Program «Training of Teachers of Foreign Languages and Literature» includes a large team of experienced faculty, numbering almost 40 people, including PhDs, Doctors of Philological Sciences, associate professors, and Masters of Pedagogical Sciences. Among the most experienced and indispensable staff members for providing high-quality education in the field of foreign languages and literature are G.N.Kismetova, S.S.Kulmagambetova, V.S.Zubkov, A.G.Abukhanova, R.H.Latypova, B.A.Mukashev, M.V.Chechetko, S.I.Kadyrgalieva, A.B.Nasimullina, T.I.Nurusheva, B.B.Utegalieva, E.K.Utemisova, R.G.Shamgonova, K.M.Shunaibekova and others.