"Becoming a Writer is a Great Art"

On February 21, 2024, a literary evening titled "Becoming a Writer is a Great Art" dedicated to the renowned 19th-century writer George Sand took place. The event was organized by the scientific library of M. Utemisov West Kazakhstan State University and involved students from the French language groups FL-31, FL-33, FL-37, along with the senior lecturer in French, S.B. Bekmukhambetova. The evening was hosted by students from the FL-37 group, Tomiris Kairova, and Bakhtiyar Maylykul. A presentation was given, focusing on the life and works of George Sand, with information presented in both French and Kazakh languages. FL-33 student Danial Askarov played the role of George Sand, with translation provided by fellow student Rukanatova Alau. The writer's poems about his life were recited by students Altyn Satanova, Albina Zhulkasheva, Zhansaya Radik, and Laura Zhumaliev from the FL-33 group. Students from FL-37, Dina Zhambylova, Amina Kauysy, Aisulu Mizamova, read excerpts from the writer's works on flowers and sang songs. The FL-31 group students, Aitolkyn Kuanyshyeva, Bekzat Kutymuratov, Asyltek Oryngaliev, presented a short play in French. Tomiris Azhgereeva from the same group read a poem about mother and child, and Alexander Zavertyaev touched on the theme of eternal immortal love. The evening concluded with a performance by Dina Zhambylova in beautiful French. All the spectators left with unforgettable impressions from the evening.