Open practical lesson «Reported speech»

Date: 04/08/2024

Venue and time: building 1, audience 424, 9:00

Group: FL-13

Practical goals (tasks):

1) Repetition and consolidation of speech constructions comparatives and superlatives.

2) Development of skills to use grammatical structures: Reported speech

At the stage of updating knowledge, the teacher shows the importance of studying this topic. To do this, I used a slide with pictures and the students, independently named the topic of the lesson and set goals.

The volume and selection of exercises were carried out according to the set goal and individual characteristics of the students. The structure of the lesson was based on the “from simple to complex” technique. Completing all the exercises led the student to the result, namely participation in the dialogue. The lesson also included repetition exercises, visual and verbal updating of pictures and text. Students repeated vocabulary on the topic adjective, learned to construct statements using indirect speech.

The atmosphere in the lesson was friendly, the teacher managed to create a positive emotional background that stimulated the students' activities.

Reflection showed that the students coped with the new topic and learned the material well. Students were graded based on self-assessment, group assessment, and activity in the lesson. Also, at the end of the lesson, students scanned the QR code and took a test to understand the new topic.

The open lesson was attended by teachers of the EP for the preparation of teachers of foreign languages and literature Sisikeshova A.S., Lysenko N.K.

Teacher: Abiltayeva Aida Nauryzkyzy