Open practical lesson «Too much information!»

Date held: 04.04.2024.

Place and time of holding: Campus 3, 306 auditorium, 8:30 a.m.

Group: Mo-22

On April 4, 2024 in classroom 306, at 8:30 a.m. an open class was held with the group MO-22 on the topic «Too much information» in the discipline «English B2.2».

The purpose and objectives of the open class: to introduce and practice new words, to introduce a new grammatical structure «quantifier», to develop the ability to determine the main idea of the text by ear. And also, to create conditions for the development of communicative skills through a variety of speech activities, to be able to analyze and summarize the rule.

The open lesson was held in several stages. At the beginning of the lesson the method of «brainstorming» was used. Looking at different pictures, students guessed the topic of the lesson and then answered questions about the new topic. Then, students divided into groups and worked with new words. Students gave their definitions of these words and guessed them among themselves. After that, they did a sentence matching task with phrasal verbs. To improve reading skills, students were given the text «11 ways to tidy up your digital life». The students divided into groups read their parts of the text and shared with other groups the information they had received, and also did exercises based on the text. Moreover, the topic of quantifiers was explained to the students. Students gave their oral examples on the new topic, did exercises on the interactive website in groups, as well as written exercises individually. This was followed by a listening activity on the topic «digital detox» followed by assignments and discussion. At the end of the lesson the grades and homework were announced. The homework was given to write an essay on "the pros and cons of digital goods". Ayanova Aruzhan, a teacher of EP «Social sciences», participated in the open lesson.

Teacher: Bakhijan Akbayan