Student Research Conference

On April 9, 2024, a student research conference was held, involving 20 students from all specialties. The competition of student research papers was divided into two sections – methodologies and theories of language. This conference serves not only as a platform for students to demonstrate their scientific achievements but also as a means to encourage academic growth and stimulate further research. Additionally, the conference contributes to the development of professional skills necessary for a successful career in the scientific field, including communication skills, analytical thinking, and critical analysis.

Conference Chairs: Kismetova G.N. – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor; Mukashev B.A. – Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor.

Committee Members: Senior lecturers Nurusheva T.I., Kadyrgaliyeva S.I., Polyanina O.G., Shunaibekova K.M., Bekmukhambetova S.B., Shamgonova R.G.

Results of the student research conference:

Methodologies Section:

1st Place:

- Khairullin Azamat. Group IR-12. Scientific Supervisor – Master, Senior Lecturer Sarkulova D.S.

2nd Place:

- Egizova Aizerik. Group FL-21. Scientific Supervisor – Master, Senior Lecturer Nasimullina A.B.

- Qablanov Ertay. Group FL-11. Scientific Supervisor – Master, Lecturer Navekova D.B.

3rd Place:

- Bulatova Aiya. Group FL-32. Scientific Supervisor – Master, Senior Lecturer Kadyrgalieva S.I.

- Sagyndykova Ayaulym. Group MiDK-11. Scientific Supervisor – Master, Lecturer Kuzhentaeva R.M.

Theories of Language Section:

1st Place:

- Avazkhanova Bibikhaysha. Group FL-41. Scientific Supervisor – Master, Senior Lecturer Shamgonova R.G.

2nd Place:

- Talas Aisulu. Group B-11. Scientific Supervisor – Master, Lecturer Frolov I.M.

- Maylykul Bakhtiyar. Group FL-37. Scientific Supervisor – Senior Lecturer Bekmukhambetova S.B.

3rd Place:

- Zhanhirova Emiliya. Group PE-12. Scientific Supervisor – Master, Lecturer Kabasova K.A.

- Qibat Sayazhan. Group Geo-11. Scientific Supervisor – Master, Senior Lecturer Sitalieva R.E.