Intellectual Game «Brain Ring»

On April 12, 2024, an event titled «Brain Ring» took place, featuring teams from groups PiMNO-21 (Team «The Adventurers») and PiMNO-25 (Team «We are the best»). Such events foster the development of thinking and cognitive activity, as well as the creative and communicative skills of students.

Each team had to go through four rounds. The teamwork and discussion of ideas were so engaging that the participants barely noticed how quickly they progressed through all the stages of the game. The questions were based not only on historical and literary themes but also on wit, quick thinking, and a sense of humor. The students excelled in these challenges. The final round focused on developing the students' language skills through a discussion on the topic «How to live without TV».

«Brain Ring» is a special intellectual game played at high speeds, where sometimes decisions are made in a fraction of a second. It's a competition of speed of thought, speed of choosing an answer, speed of decision-making, speed of pressing the button. It is an unpredictable game where excitement often prevails over prudence, youth over experience, and fortune spins like a weathervane. This type of game-lesson not only helps to shape professional and general competencies but also develops soft skills such as responsibility, decision-making, leadership, communicative skills, work capacity, informational skills, emotional skills, etc.

The winner of the game was group PiMNO-25, which scored the highest number of points. Second place was taken by group PiMNO-21.

Senior lecturer Gabdesheva A.E.