6B01705 Foreign language: two foreign languages (Bachelor)


Название ОП

6B01705 Foreign language: two foreign languages


Направление подготовки

6В017 Teacher Training in Languages and Literature



Training a teacher of foreign languages who is fluent in two foreign languages, who can teach and learn, who is able to design and implement the educational process taking into account social, age, psychophysical and individual characteristics in educational organizations of preschool, primary, secondary, post-secondary, technical and professional education.





Язык обучения

Kazakh, Russian


Присуждаемая академическая степень

Bachelor of Education


Результаты обучения

LO 1. To demonstrate adherence to the system of social values.

LO 2. To work in a team, and be tolerant of social, cultural, and personal differences.

LO 3. To determine the level of assimilation of educational content by pupils, exploring the educational environment.

LO 4. To model the language learning process using real life experience and taking into account the individual characteristics of students.

LO 5. To apply the methods of scientific research and academic writing.

LO 6. To demonstrate the skills to acquire new knowledge necessary for daily professional activities and continuing education in the master's program.

LO 7. To apply the basic foundations of modern scientific and theoretical views in the field of linguistic theories, laws and regularities of linguistic science, basic methods of linguistic analysis and description..

LO 8. To provide methodological support for the educational process.

LO 9. To develop criteria for evaluating the subject and language competencies of primary and high school students in four types of speech activity.

LO 10. To design the educational process using interdisciplinary connections and innovative learning technologies in accordance with the current tasks of the national education system.

LO 11. To apply the basic foundations in the field of general education disciplines, the basics and principles of academic integrity.

LO 12. To use Kazakh, Russian, and foreign languages for academic, professional, and special purposes.



Certificate №HE-SA-000283 of Agency for recognition and quality assurance in education “ARQA”.

Valid from 01.06.2022 to 31.05.2027.



2023 year – Place 13 (among 39 HEIs)