7M01705 Foreign language: two foreign languages (scientific and pedagogical direction) (Master)


Название ОП

7M01705 Foreign language: two foreign languages (scientific and pedagogical direction)


Направление подготовки

7M017 Teacher Training in Languages and Literature



Training a specialist who has a system of fundamental linguistic, literary, methodological knowledge, is ready for self-development and reflection of his own activity, can use modern educational technologies, has experience in transforming and practical application of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, actively promotes a system of cultural, moral and aesthetic universal values, capable of carry out research in the field of philology and methodology of teaching philological subjects.





Язык обучения

Kazakh, Russian, English


Присуждаемая академическая степень

Master of Pedagogical Sciences


Результаты обучения

LО 1. To generate new ideas, to create technological innovative products on their basis.

LО 2. To use modern methods and technologies for organizing educational activities, diagnosing and assessing the quality of the educational process of various educational programs.

LО 3. To use individual creative abilities to solve research problems independently.

LО 4. To interact with participants in the educational process and social partners, tolerantly perceiving social, ethno-confessional and cultural differences.

LО 5. To form the educational environment using professional knowledge and skills in the implementation of the tasks of innovative educational policy.

LО 6. To analyze the results of scientific research, apply them in solving specific research problems in the field of philological sciences and education, independently carry out scientific research.

LО 7. To supervise the research work of students.

LО 8. To implement developped teaching methods, technologies and techniques analyzing the results of the process of their use in educational organizations.

LО 9. To carry out professional and personal self-education, creating further educational routes and a professional career.

LО 10. To carry out professional communication in oral and written forms in Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages to solve the problems of professional activity.

LО 11. To use knowledge of modern problems of philological science and education in solving professional problems.



Certificate №HE-SA-000308 of Agency for recognition and quality assurance in education “ARQA”.

Valid from 01.06.2022 to 31.05.2027.